Go from running on empty to recharged


Go from running on empty to recharged

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Your needs matter too, mama

1:1 Holistic Coaching

You are not destined to feel drained in motherhood.

Your kids are top priority, right? But while you’re busy taking care of them, you’re constantly putting your own needs on the back burner. Eventually breakfast is cold leftover waffles off your kids plate, exercise is chasing after your toddler, and pampering is an interrupted shower.

Even when you do have time to take care of yourself you’re not sure what it looks like, or why it’s so important. But here’s the secret:

Recharged moms = happier moms. And happier moms raise happier kids. 

To recharge as a busy mom we have to take care of our body (with doable nutrition, movement and sleep strategies) as well as our mind (by decreasing decision fatigue, battling burnout and managing mom guilt).

MAMA Method 1:1 services blend coaching and counseling to give you practical tools to take care of your mental and physical health so you can feel more patient, present and positive in every stage of motherhood.

Recharged Mama Community Course

Build you village & your confidence  

Finding yourself overwhelmed, irritable and exhausted? Wishing you could add in healthy habits and prioritize yourself? Longing to connect with likeminded moms?

You deserve to fell confident and in control in motherhood, and the 6 week Recharged Mama Course can help you create sustainable strategies to make it happen. 

Over 6 weeks you’ll learn how to build stress capacity, identify and manage triggers and meet your own needs with easy tools that improve your mental and physical health- all with a private community of mamas cheering you on.

Let’s help you reset, recharge and feel your best again!




1:1 Pre- & Postnatal Coaching

Preconception, pregnancy and postpartum are incredibly exciting periods, which can also be so confusing and scary at times too! Don’t worry, I got you, mama.

I provide coaching to future, expecting and new mamas by addressing health, wellness, and mindset. Ideally women take a deeper dive into optimizing their health at least 3-4 months prior to even conceiving, but there are significant benefits to addressing eating behaviors, stress, sleep, hydration, exercise, social support and other lifestyle factors at any point in your pre- & postnatal journey.

I also recognize that women get 9 months of regular checks ups and lots of care, but then the focus transitions to baby right after delivery. Therefore, I’m passionate about addressing your needs postpartum, and helping women transition into the role of motherhood well supported and cared for.

 Interested in feeling more control of your preconception, pregnant or postpartum journey? I’d love to help!