The Mama Method Workbook


Feeling drained, depleted and burnt out in motherhood? Ready to go from running on empty to recharged?

This is for you if you:

  • Find yourself losing your temper, overwhelmed, and feeling lost in motherhood
  • Know you need to prioritize yourself but don’t know how to make it happen
  • Want more “me time” for yourself
  • Struggle with mindset blocks like mom guilt, all-or-nothing thinking, comparison or negative self-talk
  • Are ready to feel more in control of your day
  • Want to learn simple strategies to feel your best again, such as improving nutrition, movement, sleep, self-talk and self-care. 
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The MAMA Method workbook provides you step-by-step prompts. This means you’ll be able to create a custom strategy to take care of yourself, tailored to you. The truth is a mom with unmet needs is constantly overwhelmed, insecure and exhausted. However, a mom who knows how to recharge is happier, and happier moms raise happier kids. You deserve to fill your own cup, all while creating healthy habits your kids deserve to see too.

With the worksheets and prompts provided you’ll learn the 6 main categories of effective self-care and receive over 50 different self-care tools for your toolbox.

The MAMA Method also helps you audit your daily life to create a doable game plan and teaches you how to add in effective self-care strategies that actually recharge you. You’ll also explore mom guilt, all-or-nothing thinking, comparison, and negative self-talk so you can get the mindset reset you’ve been needing. All worksheets are created with a busy mom in mind, and ensure strategies are adaptable to whatever motherhood throws at you!

I know you’ve been putting your needs aside, but what what would it look like for you to show up as confident, calmer and more connected? That’s what the MAMA Method can do for you!