Physical Self-Care Kickstarter


Ready to take care of your body but not sure how to do it in ways that fit your busy life? This 25-page guide is packed with mama friendly tools to manage your nutrition, improve exercise, maximize sleep, and more!

You’ll get:

  • Family approved recipes WITh printable grocery lists
  • Easy, protein-rich breakfast ideas
  • 4 weeks worth of at home workouts from programmers such as Smalletics, Bryan Boorstein, Street Parking and Cassidy Dickson
  • Sleep hacks 
  • Goal setting worksheets
  • And more!
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Physical self-care refers to how we meet our physical needs such as food, hydration, movement, sleep, and rest. Often moms put their needs aside as they’re taking care of their family and find they aren’t prioritizing their bodies in a way that makes them feel best. This can lead to exhaustion, insecurity, low energy and decreased mood. 

You need strategies that are actually doable for you. For a mom that doesn’t include a 3 hour meal prep, an hour long complicated workout, or an arbitrary guideline to “get 9 hours of sleep” despite your kid’s night take wake ups. This is why you need the physical self-care kickstarter!

The physical self-care Kickstarter provides you with tools tailored to a busy mom. This means you can start improving your health in doable strategies and can start feeling like yourself in no time. The truth is, taking care of our physical body increases energy, confidence and happiness. Wouldn't feeling your best be a game changer for you right now?

If you're ready to feel energized and empowered, the physical self-care kickstarter is for you!