“Just take a bath!”, “Go get yourself a manicure!”, “Treat yourself!” I swear if I had one more person tell me “just to make a little time” for myself I was going to lose it. Yet mamas are constantly encouraged to participate in these kinds of self care, while no one is talking about unconventional self-care strategies for mamas. 

It’s not that self-care isn’t necessary- it is! I spend every day teaching my clients how to incorporate self-care into their daily routine because I believe we can’t show up for others until we show up for ourselves. However, we need to think outside the box. We need to consider unconventional self-care strategies for mamas.

Self care has become a buzz word, IMHO. Pampering and travel can be part of self-care for many but often times it doesn’t help us deal with the underlying needs, anxieties, fears or stressors that cause us to really need self-care in the first place. And it doesn’t address the fact that self- care looks different in motherhood because life is different in motherhood. Alternative self-care strategies for mamas have to be considered. 

I believe that self-care:

  1. A) Needs to be considered essential (especially these days) and ⁣⁣
  2. B) Needs to address the root issue of what you’re dealing with, and not just treat the symptoms. 

Opt for one of these 9 unconventional self-care strategies for mamas and fill your cup.⁣⁣

  1. Unfollow social media accounts that trigger comparison.
  2. Be picky with your friends. Opt for quality over quantity.
  3. Find a focus outside of your kids.
  4. Have uncomfortable conversations. Say the tough stuff aloud.
  5. Get off apps like Pinterest that make you feel inadequate.
  6. Eat foods to nourish your body, not to change your body.
  7. Get creative. Utilize other parts of your brain.
  8. Take action on ANYTHING. Feel accomplished.

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