On todays blog we are talking about 15 ways to help your children have a healthier body image, and  raising confident kids! Body image is one of my favorite topics because it’s generational, and multi-faceted. While many things contribute to the way our children see themselves (including peer groups, personality, and environment), what we model for our children and their home environment plays a major role in how they learn to think and feel about our own body.

Rates of body dissatisfaction and poor body perception are raising for children- both male and female. And we, as parents, have an opportunity to reduce this trend. This isn’t meant to point a finger and say you’re solely responsible for your children’s insecurities. It’s meant to empower you to recognize that raising confident kids starts at home. 

Most moms I know don’t want to address their own poor body image or take time to practice healthier habits because they think it’s selfish. Mom guilt kicks in. They think they don’t have time. But the reality is, this is about more then just you mama. This is about them too. And the more you deprive your own needs, and continue to doubt your own worth, the more they see that. Raising confident kids is influenced by so many factors, but I want to give you some of the tools to do your part!

So here are 15 (yes 15!) ways to help your child build a healthier body image. And spoiler alert, some of them require you to take care of yourself too. ?

?Celebrate your child’s wins, and teach them to do the same. Create opportunities for your child to identify their strengths. 

?When complimenting your child, acknowledge what they are capable of as much as how they look.

?If your child experiences criticism at school or in social circles, try not to just fix it and brush it away. Instead, give them the opportunity to explore why they DON’T believe the criticism.

?Is your child having a tough day? Sit in the discomfort with them. This is hard as moms, but remember, we all have tough days! It’s helpful for them to learn how to move through it, without it defining them. 

?Understand that core beliefs about who we are can be built from outside influences- like family members, bullies and peer groups. Help teach your children how to challenge inaccurate beliefs. 

?Keep open lines of communication so they know you’re available if they want to talk to you.

?Is your kid putting up a wall that you can’t seem to break through? Offer opportunities for them to talk to someone else, such as an aunt, friend or therapist. Or, offer them other outlets like sports, music, or writing. 

?Empower them and commend them for their efforts and achievements. Positive reinforcement is powerful. 

?Help them acknowledge areas that they struggled, and give them opportunities to problem solve or try again. It’s important for them to know they aren’t expected to be perfect. 

?Is your child struggling to accept the consequences of their harmless choices? Perhaps they opted to skip the trip to the playground and are now melting down because they want to go. Don’t try to fix it for them or undo it. Teach them to own the choices they made, remember why it was the right choice for them at the time, and now accept the consequences. 

?Be mindful of the language you use when talking about YOUR body. Body image is modeled.

?Talk to your children about how to eat and move in a way that helps their body feel strong (not look attractive).

?Eat meals with your children. Show them how to nourish a healthy body. 

?Practice self-care in front of your children. It’s not selfish. It’s necessary for them to see that they deserve to take care of themselves as well.

?Confident moms raise confident children- do your own work

Your kids deserve parents who love themselves, so they know they can love themselves too. Let us know if you need a little guidance a long the way. ❤️