The 1st trimester is a time of radical growth and transformation for both mom and baby. Within the first 13 weeks of conception, baby’s major organs and systems have been formed and the heart is beating. The amniotic sac, placenta and umbilical cord have all been created and are taking on their roles in development. Mom’s uterus is already growing, cardiac volume increases and hormones surge. Mother’s BMR begins to increase, her thyroid begins to grow, and her body prepares for changes to the pelvic floor, abdominal wall, and respiratory system. Overall, the first trimester brings with it the most dramatic changes. Here at Mama Method Wellness we can help you with navigating the first trimester like the badass you are.

 Here are 10 ways to navigate the 1st trimester:

?Prioritize food quality and filling mom’s nutrient stores. This means trying to get in micronutrient dense foods, especially those high in Vitamins A, D, B, C, E, DHA, iron, and zinc.
?Add in ample protein from high-quality animal sources (including seafood, whole eggs, as fiber and micronutrient-rich vegetables, fruits and omega 3 fatty acids.) Vegetarian or vegan? If you’re unwilling to consider animal protein in your diet, at least make a concerted effort to add in plenty of plant based protein sources.
?Get out in the sunshine
?Stay active (but that doesn’t have to mean high intensity). Focus on moving your body, stretching, and getting your blood flowing. Some women even report decreased first trimester symptoms (such as nausea and fatigue) by adding in exercise. 
?Listen to your body and rest as needed. 
?Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
? Baby starting to show? Rock that bump. Confidence is powerful.
?Workaround 1st-trimester symptoms like nausea and acid reflux. Get creative with your eating and find what works.
?Hire a certified prenatal coach to help you navigate this time
?Celebrate yourself. As previously mentioned, you’re body is undergoing tremendous change. You’re making a human from scratch. Own your awesomeness.


Still feeling lost or like you’re struggling? Know that for some people, navigating the first trimeter like a badass means surviving, and knowing it’s temporary. Every pregnancy is different, and sometimes simply finding ways to get you through the day is the most realistic goal you can set. You’re doing great, mama.