Ever play with those dress up cardboard dolls? You know, the ones where you mix and match shirts and skirts, creating different outfit combinations based on your mood? What if you treated your macros the same way? Enter mix and match macros! 

Figuring out how to meet your macro goals can be overwhelming, so let’s simplify! This is where a nutrition coach becomes an invaluable resource. Not ready to hire a coach but wanting to start building in some healthy habits? Consider these ideas:

??Instead of attempting gourmet or complicated recipes, make a plan to do batch cooking at the beginning of the week. This makes the idea of mix and match macros a lot easier. Put aside some time to cook just a few things in bulk, instead of a lot of things in smaller portions.


??Every week when you batch cook, prep 2-3 protein options, 3-4 veggie options, 1-2 complex carb options, have some quality fats sources on hand. Also stock up on fruits and healthy snacks. Then simply rotate your protein, veggie, fat and carb options based on your daily cravings and your macros. This can keep things interesting and increase variety in your diet.


??Sick of eating the same few things? Try to add in marinades and sauces to mix it up. That grass-fed ground beef works great for Monday’s burrito bowl AND Wednesday’s meat sauce over spaghetti squash. That jasmine rice works as an awesome base for Tuesday’s poke bowl AND Friday’s Thai basil turkey.


You don’t have to be stuck with chicken and broccoli every day just to make it work. Start simple, rotate options and build from there. Treat your macros the same way you treat those paper dolls. Give yourself plenty of options, and then mix and match from there!