Want to crush your nutrition without sweating the small stuff? While most people tend to obsess too much over which specific nutritional protocol (like keto, intermittent fasting or macros) is best for them, they’re missing the bigger picture.

The question isn’t “what’s the magic bullet?”, but “how do I navigate food in a way that suits my needs, my lifestyle and my goals?” Sure, a certain protocol might be the right way to get you to where you’re going, but successfully managing nutrition and finding long-term success is about a lot more than that.

Here are 4 ways to crush your nutrition without crushing your mindset:⁣ ⁣

◻️Pick an approach that is sustainable for you. Love carbs or train in a glycolytic sport? Keto isn’t for you. Hate skipping a meal? Intermittent fasting isn’t for you. Hate tracking and weighing your food or find it leads to obsessions? Macros aren’t for you. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a middle ground or other approaches that are a better fit.⁣

◻️Take your lifestyle and preference into consideration. Become aware of non-negotiables you have like a date night out, what training modality you participate in, what foods don’t work well for you, and what your schedule looks like. The best protocol is one you can stick with consistently over time.⁣

◻️Eat in a way that encourages a positive relationship with food. Any diet that has a laundry list of “good” foods or “bad foods”, leads to obsessive thoughts, creates new food rules, or makes you feel shitty about yourself isn’t the plan for you. The goal is to get to where food can just be food, and doesn’t occupy so much brain space. ⁣

◻️Find a way to educate yourself so you understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Hire a coach or RD, follow professionals who know what they’re talking about, learn how to properly read research articles, and attend seminars. ⁣

If managing nutrition is like a race, think of your protocol like a pair of running shoes. The shoes that work for you now might not work in the future, and that’s okay. It’s merely a way to get you across the finish line. When finding an eating regimen that’s right for you, keep in mind that it is likely:⁣

◽️Higher in protein then you think

◽️Emphasizes quality foods, especially if you’re interested in health, feeling great and longevity. This is also a necessity if you’re in the preconception, pregnancy or postpartum periods.

◽️Considers caloric intake so you can accurately move into a deficit or surplus relative to goals

◽️Allows carbs and fats to vary dependent on preference, medical history, training modality and lifestyle

As with most things in life, there isn’t one best approach. Stop looking for a magic bullet, and start with understanding the process and what works best of you. Crush your nutrition by focusing on the things that matter and don’t stress the rest.