It’s amazing the number of clients who come to me with a scarcity mindset but haven’t even heard of the concept. Scarcity mindset is the underlying belief that we will never have enough- food, money, friends….scarcity mindset doesn’t discriminate. For those individuals struggling with a scarcity mindset, fear wins. They cling to the items they do have for fear that it’s all they’ll get. They overindulge in foods or frivolities for fear they won’t get them again. And they move through life unaware that there is more then enough to go around. The important thing to remember is that you have the opportunity and ability to conquer your scarcity mindset. This comes through creating new tools for yourself, building confidence and thinking bigger about yourself and the world around you.⁣

Struggling with a scarcity mindset? ⁣

?Train your brain to believe in abundance⁣

?Challenge distorted thoughts that you are limited in your abilities and opportunities⁣

?Remind yourself that you are worthy of more⁣

?Don’t compare⁣

?Celebrate wins: yours and other’s

?Begin to develop an abundance mindset. Prompt your brain to think there is enough money for you to earn, food for you to eat, time for you to accomplish all of the things that need to get done, and endless opportunities for you to succeed.

 ? Surround yourself with those who build you up, including coaches, mentors and counselors.

Remember, for most of us, there’s typically no shortage of the good stuff. Eat to nourish yourself but know you don’t have to be gluttonous- there will be chocolate tomorrow. Work hard but know you don’t have to take anyone down in the process- there’s enough work for all of us. Enjoy the efforts of your hard work with material things if you desire, but know that you will have the opportunity to buy more in the future (and being wise with your money now pays off long term).⁣

Conquer your scarcity mindset. Begin challenging the idea that the things you love are scarce. You have enough. You are enough. Live in abundance.