When you’ve struggled with your confidence for so long a 4 step confidence kickstarter seems just a bit too good to be true, right? But here’s the reality, improving your confidence doesn’t have to take years of therapy, a magic potion, a crazy diet, or healing crystals. A simple confidence kickstarter may be just what you need!

I don’t care what phase of motherhood you’re in, at some point you feel your confidence fade. You watch your body grow and change during pregnancy, you settle into new skin postpartum, you try to make time to take care of yourself as you juggle kids, activities and daily life. As a result you feel insecure and unsure and a little out of control. You wonder if you’ll always feel like this, if this is the new normal, if there’s anything to do about it. So you just fake it till you make it, right? ⁣

Well that’s fine I’m theory, but eventually you want to actually MAKE IT. And what I mean by “make it” is finally being able to step into your light. To own who you are. And to love every inch of it.⁣⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣

Confidence is built from taking care of yourself, mind and body. The best news? This kind of selfcare doesn’t have to take a lot of time or energy- it’s about the small things. Ready to start with small changes that yield BIG results? Check out the 4 step confidence kickstarter that can help you fall in love with yourself again.

Step 1: Write down 1 compliment on a post-it note. Compliments can be anything you like about yourself and don’t just need to revolve around your physical appearance.  Struggling to think of something? It’s okay to write something down even if you don’t believe it yet. Need inspiration? Consider what you would say to a friend or someone you admire.

Step 2: Stick the post-it to your mirror. Preferably stick the post-it to a mirror you look at in the morning. If you can’t use a mirror stick it somewhere you can see it so it’s a part of your morning routine.

Step 3: Say the compliment aloud to yourself. Bonus points if you say it while looking at yourself in the mirror. Double bonus points if you say it with confidence and don’t care who is listening.  Triple bonus points if your kids are listening and watching you do this.

Step 4: Use the compliment as a mantra. Mentally repeat your compliment throughout the day when moments of doubt, stress or insecurity arise. Use different versions of the compliment as mantras or positive affirmations in the future.

I know building confidence can feel like a long road to travel, but don’t discount the little wins along the way, and all the things we can be doing in the moment to kickstart our confidence. Need help implementing or want support? Reach out for coaching!